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Pellet Mill
Pellet Mill is used for producing bulk amount of feeding material for poultry animal and fish. Offered in different specifications, this pellet producing equipment can be accessed in 200 kg to 8mt/50 mt production capacity based options.
Pellet Cooler
Provided Pellet Cooler is used for minimizing heat of produced pellets without cracking their surface. Energy efficient operation, Eco friendly operating mode and smooth discharging arrangement are its main factors.

Feed Plant
Notable for its heavy duty structure, Feed Plant is accessible in semi automatic, fully automatic and manual operating mode based options. Widely used in small scale industry, this plant has 1mt to 80mt/hour production capacity.
Hammer Mill
Offered in different production capacity and motor power based options, this Hammer Mill is acknowledge for its high output level, low maintenance structure and ease of installation. This cost effective equipment has low maintenance charge.

Bucket Elevator

Carbon steel fabricated Bucket Elevator is used for safe lifting of bulk amount of granular and powder based substances having standard temperature level. User friendly mechanism and heavy duty structure are its main features.
Pellet Crumbler Machine
Ergonomically designed Pellet Crumbler Machine is a type of special purpose equipment which is used for fragmentation of large pellets. Offered in different working capacity based options, this equipment is simple to operate.
Sieving Machine
Known for its high screening efficiency, this Sieving Machine is preferred for its low noise operation and simple maintenance process. Modular appearance, precise diameter, sturdy construction and compact shape are its main attributes.

Automatic Bagging Machine
Known for its high production rate, this Automatic Bagging Machine is low cost equipment with high automation degree. Easy to install, this high performance equipment can be maintained and controlled sans any trouble.
Bulk Feed Tanker
Known for up to 35 feet lifting height, this Bulk Feed Tanker is reckoned for its excellent load carrying capacity. Designed by skilled technocrats, this feed tanker has heavy duty structure.

Wood Chipper Machine
This Wood Chipper Machine is used for fragmentation of tree branches and hardwood by using its multiple knives. Available in different chipping capacity based options, this equipment is operated by connecting it with tractor.
Industrial Conveyor
Industrial Conveyors are the most important equipments that are used in various manufacturing units for material handling without labour force. These are automated systems that are capable to run for longer period of time.
Extruder Machine
Extruder Machines are used to transform raw materials into finished products by heating them and passing the heated material through highly finished and rigid dies. They are widely used in food and plastic industries.
Industrial Mixers
Industrial Mixers are the high performance equipments that converts solid, liquid and powdered materials into a fine mixture that can be used to make various different products.
Counterflow Cooler
Counter Flow Coolers are the cooling devices that are used to reduce the temperature of soft pallets to increase their hardness and make them compatible for storage and transportation.
Crumbler Machine
Crumbler Machines are also known as crushing machines that are used to decrease the size of large pallets in smaller pieces. These are electric power driven devices which requires an AC voltage of 220 volts.
Ribbon Mixer
Ribbon Mixers are the mixing equipments to make a mixture of dry powders and solid with another solid particles. They are equipped with an electric motor which rotates the shaft that carries U-shaped spiral blades for efficient mixing.